Nike, “I, David”

Nike: “Featuring famed ballet dancer David Hallberg, ‘I, David’ explores the notion of perseverance. Perseverance both literally - through Hallberg’s personal experience in overcoming physical injury - and metaphorically - using the NikeLab ACG Poncho as an allegory for tenacity, for pushing forward in the face of harsh conditions.”

man dancing on a wet floor

Nike: “Nike is in a unique position to inspire with sport on a new scale. For this project, Nike taps into an emerging creative cast of individuals who are highly relevant within their own fields globally and within New York City. Each artist has their own creative projects that are at the heart of cultural conversations now. By bringing these creatives together at this time, we’re driving new conversations around sport while owning our unique stance at the crossroads of sport and culture.”

man dancing on a wet floor

Behind-the-scenes video by Pablo Tapia-Plá.

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